Yoga is interesting because the practice itself starts on a rather confined space - the size of a yoga mat - and the impact of the practice is boundless. Once a practitioner takes the practices and techniques of yoga off the mat - possibilities become endless. It’s also interesting because yoga parallels art in that it’s accessible for all to do, but not everyone does it and yet people have strong opinions about both, in favor or against. What I do find is that yoga (and art) moves people towards finding their own purpose and contribution to the world. That’s why I am a Tier 3, 1200HR Certified Baptiste Yoga teacher today. My first yoga practice was a gym yoga class in 1999 in San Francisco, CA. In 2010, took my first 200HR teacher training at a Baptiste Yoga Affiliate in Philadelphia, PA and continued to train with Baron Baptiste and his team each year. I’ve been teaching Baptiste Power Yoga classes for the past 9 years, teaching locally and traveling to teaching different cities along the East Coast and the Midwest. Most recently, I am leading and facilitating the #unstoppable Yoga for Youth Training Program on behalf of the Baptiste Foundation at various locations.