MK apothecary

It is important to have a space to create and share that space for others to do the same. Michael and I have both been fortunate enough and have worked really hard to be working artists. The dream was always to have a space where we both can create, sell art and have like-minded people do the same. In 2017, we acquired a space in Collingswood, NJ where we can live the dream - MK Apothecary. Michael has spent the past 2 years making the renovations on transitioning a historic pharmacy (hence ‘Apothecary’) into a relevant art gallery space. In May 2019, we opened the doors for business. We purposely chose to be in a suburban setting with close proximity to major cities like Philadelphia and New York City to create and sell art while building a creative community within a community. While we plan to host other artists in this space, both Michael & I are resident artists for the gallery.