There are a ton of yoga clothing companies out there - especially with the athleisure and luxe lounge trends that are happening. That’s not why Go Yoga happened. When art and design becomes your steady income, the focus becomes on what to create for a client and how to keep them happy, inspired and excited about what you do while still enjoying what you do. For as long as I’ve been “in the industry” I still enjoy what I do and there was a point where I stopped making things for myself. By way of a yoga teacher training and realizing that I didn’t have an art related self-care regimen, I started designing for myself as a way to get back to why and how much I love to create just for creating sake. Unrestricted and experimental. In 2016, I found a manufacturer that uses ethical practices with their employees and with producing their product. Conscious of waste and sustainability, Go Yoga Pants are made of recycled polyester, minimal overdevelopment and produced in small batches.