FEEDBACK (print)

FEEDBACK (print)


This is called ‘Feedback’ because the way the inks reacted to each other was direct feedback as to what would enhance an effect or not. What’s interesting about water based inks, is alcohol will repel the water - right away and it evaporates the water & color. This piece was a dance between what would attract vs. what would repel - with also knowing when to react to the “feedback” and when to let it be part of the way the painting is revealing itself.

The original was made on wood where I took different inks & used its “opposites” to compliment and impose chemical reactions. This was done on a coated wood panel, mixing alcohol inks with various water based solutions, water based inks & fabric dyes with varying percentages of alcohol. Once it all set and dried - the panel was then coated in non-toxic resin epoxy to seal it. Since the wood is porous, it took to the ink in a different way where some of the wood grain becomes part of the piece.

The original is available for sale through MK Apothecary.



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This is a matted limited edition printed version of an original resin coated mixed media painting. There are only 10 reproductions made. The original painting is part of the ‘Cosmic Energy’ Collection.

Details about this print:

  • “Feedback” created in 2019

  • Matted size is 11” x 14”

  • Actual art print is 8” x 10”

  • Printed on high gloss resin coated paper

  • Signed on the back

Will ship to anywhere in the world, shipping fees will be applied at check out.