There are many details involved in creating art and what I’m most interested in is making ideas come to life - to be a shared experience with and for others. I am an artist first. I have a different perspective to things than most. Rather than obsessing over how to be like everyone else or how to get people to see things my way, I find it more important to express it.  The way I make art is by learning and taking traditional techniques and pushing it in different ways. I do this to see what happens. It’s not a rebellious sensibility, it’s a disciplined curiosity. I value and appreciate the educational technicality of all things - which is why I went to art school to earn a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art. Because my focus in art school was Fashion & Textile Design as a double major - I tend to work with mediums that will take to fabric.  Doesn’t mean that I only work on fabric, it’s that I love the properties, finish, content and/or construction of fabric can influence the way inks and pigments will react, with or without additives. There is also an element in working with fabric and ink where there can be an uncontrollable outcome that presents itself where it could have never been planned otherwise. To be able to share that perspective with others and have others appreciate the outcome, then share with me what they see in my work - is the greatest gift.

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