Kristine Go believes that creativity is the most important tool for survival.  Her life's work consists of projects that inspire others to live and take action purposefully.  Kristine is the Owner & Creative Director for Pattern Curator, a trend forecasting & design agency that serves the retail industry. She is a partner & Resident Artist for MK Apothecary, a contemporary art gallery in NJ.  Kristine's newest entrepreneurial project is merging the principles of art, design & yoga to serve the community.  This project is Go Yoga, which started as a yoga clothing company and has now evolved into a yoga-based design service that includes creative writing, concept development and consulting art based projects to completion. Kristine currently resides in New Jersey with her life-partner Michael Aguirre, teaches yoga and enjoys spending her downtime with friends and family.


“My life’s purpose is to inspire others to live in extraordinary greatness so that together we can create a beautiful world filled with endless possibilities.”